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Speed Queen’s brand has become synonymous with long-lasting quality and durability, which is not surprising when you consider that laundry has been their sole focus since 1908. They’ve risen to the top with their offers of outstanding warranties on top of already dependable and high-quality products such as the SPEED QUEEN 3.42 Cu Ft Front Load Washer.

They guarantee their machines inside and out, starting with their industry-best five-year warranty-backed-up control panels, which are built to last 25 years and undergo rigorous testing that ensures the panels will withstand typical laundry room environmental changes such as moisture, temperature, vibration, and power surges. In fact, the entire machine undergoes similar testing and each is built to last the same 25 years of commercial-grade usage in your home. Speed Queen units are meant to stand the test of time, partially due to their usage of metal components where other manufacturers use plastic.

One hallmark of the Speed Queen quality is their Dynamic Balancing Technology, a groundbreaking system that uses sensors and algorithms to practically eliminate vibration, like in the SPEED QUEEN 3.42 Cu Ft Front Load Washer. This technology results in less moisture left in your clothing at the end of a cycle, in turn meaning faster dry times. On top of that, the operation is so quiet you’d never know it was running!

Speed Queen dryers, like SPEED QUEEN 7.0 Cu Ft Electric Dryer, feature special drying cycles and utilize both an Axial Airflow pattern and superior moisture sensing capabilities to ensure thoroughly dry laundry. No more adding time to the dryer or worrying about over-drying your clothes.

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